Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing software. Lightroom started as a desktop program and has recently added a mobile phone application for mobile users. We create presets (a combination of settings that are saved in file format) and brushes (brushes are for desktop only) for Lightroom that helps you quickly and easily edit your photos with a few simple clicks.

Lightroom Desktop VS Lightroom Mobile?

Adobe Lightroom offers a number of photo editing products. Some are meant to be used on your desktop/laptop and some on your mobile phone. We sell preset packages for both. Make sure that you have the compatible version of Lightroom before you go ahead and purchase your package.

Lightroom Quick Guide:

Lightroom 4-6 – Desktop (lr.template files)

Lightroom Classic  – Desktop (lr.template & .xmp files)

Lightroom CC Desktop – Desktop (.xmp files)

Lightroom Mobile CC – Mobile Phone App (DNG files)

Where can I purchase Lightroom Desktop?

Lightroom offers a number of subscription-based desktop versions, the most recent are connected through the creative cloud. Visit their website to create your own account and download the latest desktop software. Then come back here and purchase your presets! – Lightroom Website

Where can I get the Lightroom Mobile App?

There’s a free version of Adobe Lightroom CC available in the app store on your phone!

Lightroom Mobile:


What type of presets work with the Lightroom Mobile App?

Lightroom Mobile DNG presets are compatible with the Lightroom Mobile App.

Do I need to unzip my original downloaded file on my computer?

Please make sure that you download your mobile DNG presets on your desktop computer as you will need to unzip them on your desktop first before sending them to your mobile phone.

I purchased Mobile DNG presets from my phone. What do I do now?

Don’t worry, your download link is still available in your purchase email. Open the purchase email from your computer and follow the simple video install instructions here.

How do I get my Mobile DNG presets to my phone?

You have many options for sending your Mobile DNG Presets to your phone. Here are a few:

AirDrop – (For Mac/iPhone users only) After you’ve unzipped the original downloaded file on your desktop you can select all the Mobile DNG presets > Right Click > Share > AirDrop > Select your iPhone. 

DropBox – (Unzip the original downloaded file on your computer first) 1. From your computer go to the DropBox website and create an account. 2. Add your DNG files (Presets) to your DropBox folder. 3. Download The DropBox App on your phone and sign in. 4. Find the DNG Files (Presets) that you just added and save them to your phone. 

Google Drive – (Unzip the original downloaded file on your computer first) 1. Go to the Google Drive website and create an account. 2. Add the Mobile DNG files to your google drive account. 3. Download the Google Drive App on your phone and sign in using the account you created. 4. Find your Mobile DNG files and save them to your phone.

I sent my DNG presets to my phone, but I can’t find them on my camera roll?

Your Mobile DNG presets will show up as blank grey boxes in your camera roll. Don’t worry they’re supposed to look like that! They will show up properly once you’ve added them to the Lightroom Mobile App.


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